Young Adult Education

Bring 3 Steps Detect to Your High School or College

For the past decade, we have delivered life-saving early detection education to young adults in high schools and colleges. Thanks to the partnership of our generous donors, our education is FREE to schools.

At DetecTogether, we teach students what they need to know with the help of real people who have been there.

We will introduce you to peers like Michael Bodge. Michael was 28 when he died of testicular cancer. Like many people, Michael did not know how to recognize cancer symptoms, and he was diagnosed too late. In Michael’s memory, we are teaching thousands of young adults what to watch for, how to self-advocate, and how to actively participate in their own healthcare.

Michael Bodge’s Legacy

Michael’s family believes that if he had learned 3 Steps Detect while he was in high school, he would’ve recognized that the pain he was feeling was a symptom to have checked out. Rather than wait it out and dismiss it as a sports injury, he would have called his doctor. In Michael’s memory we are teaching thousands of young adults what to watch for, how to self-advocate, and how to actively participate in their own healthcare.

Michael Bodge Tribute Fund

Skills Learned Include

  • Foster independent living skills
  • Self-advocacy—knowledge is power, and you know your body best
  • Communication—be totally honest with yourself and your doctor
  • Teamwork—healthcare is a team sport and your role is important

Educational Offerings

Our high-impact educational offerings could include:

  • In-person, video-enhanced, small group presentations
  • In-person assemblies with cancer survivor panels
  • Train-the-Trainer program: we provide curriculum and training for onsite staff to bring DetecTogether education into the classroom
  • Live Webinars or Zoom presentations available for remote learning
  • Full suite of supplemental learning activities and materials available; blend of synchronous and asynchronous – live teaching session, plus activities for students to complete in their own time
  • Accommodate diverse learning styles

Hear What Students Are Saying

“I had no idea that things that seem so insignificant could be signs of cancer. I will listen more carefully to what my body tries to tell me in the future.”
“These presentations gave me the confidence to speak up and not be shy with my doctor.”
“I will take health changes more seriously in the future! I never thought about the symptoms of cancer. I am young and athletic and didn’t think cancer could happen to me. After hearing these stories, I understand that I have to pay attention.”

Hear What Teachers Are Saying

"I love working with DetecTogether because they deliver such a valuable message to my students who are approaching the age where they are now responsible for their own health."
“The stories shared are relevant, engaging, and insightful. The presentation last year had a personal impact on me, and I recently used the 2-Week Rule’ to check on a health change.”
“I love that it’s not scary. This is informational—it prepares students for what to do and takes some of the fear out of cancer.”