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Life-Saving Early Cancer Detection Training for First Responders

Occupational cancer is a critical issue facing the nation’s firefighters. Members of the fire service have a 9% increased risk of developing cancer and a 14% greater risk of dying from cancer than the general public.

Prevention methods improve your chance of staying healthy. Early detection improves your chance of survival. DetecTogether teaches you how to seize the power of early detection with the 3 Steps Detect program.

Firefighters have a 9% higher risk of developing cancer than the general population and a 14% greater risk of dying from cancer.

3 Steps Detect Training

3 Steps Detect is a simple and effective strategy to detect cancer early. Cancer often reveals itself as a subtle and persistent change to your normal health, and lots of people ignore these kinds of changes. Waiting won’t make cancer go away, so we provide a timeframe for action. Waiting gives cancer time to progress to advanced stages, when it’s harder to treat and survive. Knowledge is power and active, informed patients get the best healthcare. A class can be taught in 30 min., and we will work with your department to figure out what delivery method works best to reach every firefighter in your department. 

Whether taken live or online, the 3 Steps Detect early cancer detection program for first responders qualifies for one hour of OEMS continuing education credit in Massachusetts.

Online Learning for Firefighters

Our Online Learning program teaches firefighters how to detect cancer early, when it’s most treatable, and causes life-saving action. Additionally, there are 10 micro courses that cover topics like: “identifying and tracking symptoms,” “prevention, early detection, and screening.”

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An interactive, self-paced eLearning platform offering access to our core curriculum, 3 Steps Detect, and related micro-courses. Dynamic, easy to use, and accessible in a remote environment. Developed with the help of our Fire Service Advisory Board, whose expertise and experience span research, firefighting, and cancer fighting, this on-demand program can be accessed on computers and mobile devices from anywhere.

DetecTogether travels within about 100 miles of the Westborough, Massachusetts, headquarters at no cost to your department. Training can take place over several sessions to reach everyone on shift. We can also train during a large group meeting (Chiefs meetings, department meetings, union meetings). Contact us for questions about travel beyond the Northeast.

Note: Eligible for one hour of OEMS continuing education credit in Massachusetts.

Live-hosted presentation and engaged learning. First responders can participate from anywhere via various platforms, including Zoom.

Note: Eligible for one hour of OEMS continuing education credit in Massachusetts.

The Consequences of Waiting Too Long

Source: American Cancer Society 5-year SEER data (based on people diagnosed between 2010-2023)

Lieutenant Eddie McDonagh had symptoms for almost a year before he went to the doctor. It cost him his life.

What Fire Professionals Are Saying About Our Training

“Early detection is an area where the fire service lags in education. Knowing when to seek medical attention and how to work with our doctors is something we need to learn. DetecTogether has helped the FDNY bridge this gap.” 

Frank Leeb, FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief, Chief of the Fire Academy

“DetecTogether teaches firefighters to recognize early warning signs of cancer, when to seek medical attention, and how to advocate for themselves within the medical system.”

Kathy Crosby-Bell, Founder of the Last Call Foundation

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