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Take Action

The Power of You

Early detection starts with you, and we make it easy for you to tap into this important power. You won’t need to memorize and sort out a long list of possible symptoms to watch for. We teach you how best to tune into your body and sense when something feels off. You are the expert on your health, and here’s how we’re empowering you to take action.

Start Talking

We know that cancer can be scary, but talking about it doesn’t have to be. Let’s talk about early detection, what we know, and how it can save your life. It’s the most important cancer conversation you can have.

3 Steps Detect

We sort through all of the complexity of early cancer detection and bring you a simple three-step plan to identify early warning signs, to know when to take action, and to have the right conversation with your healthcare providers.

Learn from Others

Real people. Real stories. Over 1 million people in the US are diagnosed with cancer every year. Read some of their stories to learn about the subtle and persistent health changes they experienced, what they thought of them at the time, the best ways to work with your doctor, and other lessons they learned.

We get it. We know that cancer can be scary, but we also know that knowledge is empowering. At DetecTogether, we believe in the power of true human stories to teach, effect, and inspire others.

All of our teaching and training is enhanced by the stories of real people who have had cancer and have volunteered to share their personal stories so that others may learn. To prevent avoidable hardship. To demonstrate what to watch for. When to act. How to get answers. How to move forward.

Learn what they noticed for symptoms, what they did about it, and how they got to diagnosis. Become equipped with the life-saving advantage of early cancer detection, thanks to these generous voices from our community.

Maybe my story, as lucky and as great as it is as a happy ending, could encourage and maybe bring the awareness that you should get checked.
Cal Ripken, Jr.

Your Job as a Patient

Healthcare is a team sport, and you are an important member of the team. Doctors can’t do their job without you. Let’s break it down into what to do before, during, and after your appointment to make sure you are doing all you can to help your healthcare provider diagnose you quickly and accurately.