Our Team

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Jim Coghlin
Founder & Chief Volunteer

Jim Coghlin is a businessperson, philanthropist, community activist and passionate advocate for improving cancer survival rates through early detection. He is a third-generation business owner who has transitioned the business to the fourth generation, allowing him to focus on expanding the reach of DetecTogether in order to enhance and save more lives. Jim has a BSBA from Nichols College and is the recipient of many honors and awards for his business accomplishments, charity and community work.

Through his involvement in fundraising for cancer causes over many years, Jim learned that education was needed to address the issue of delayed diagnosis of cancer. The life-saving benefits of detecting cancer early are so clear, but no organization was teaching people what they needed to know. Jim and his family founded DetecTogether to proactively teach the public and empower them to recognize cancer symptoms and act in a timely way. “I truly believe that health is a gift. Every one of us can help improve cancer survival rates by changing the cancer conversation and empowering earlier detection. If it is to be, it is up to us!”


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Tricia Scannell Laursen
President & Executive Director

Tricia joined the team soon after Jim shared the impact of delayed diagnosis on cancer survival rates with her in 2009. She is a strategic thinker whose career spans 30 years of leadership roles in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Her experience and emphasis on continual improvement to inspire change has played a significant role in the growth of DetecTogether. Tricia has a BS from Bentley and an MBA from Clark University. The impact of delayed diagnosis has cost members of Tricia’s family and friends their lives. “I don’t want anyone else to lose loved ones to a delayed diagnosis. Early cancer detection is a life-saving advantage that all deserve.”


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Susan Cyr

Susan is a seasoned administrator who has worked for engineering and manufacturing companies. Her extensive event planning experience has contributed to fundraising success for DetecTogether, as well as for other organizations for which she volunteers. Susan’s inspiration and dedication to the cause is personal. “I am involved with DetecTogether because I want to honor the memories of dear family members who could have been empowered by 3 Steps Detect education. Having been involved with the organization from the very start, it is rewarding to see the progress we have made toward improving cancer survival rates, with the ultimate goal, of course, of putting ourselves out of business!”


Jillian Andrews
Vice President of Development & Corporate Relations

Jillian served as a key player in fundraising campaigns throughout the Boston and Los Angeles areas. Her creativity and entrepreneurial mindset has earned her much success in the non-profit sector. She’ll leverage these skills to support DetecTogether’s mission and expand relationships with organizational stakeholders. She has a BA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “Witnessing first-hand the impact cancer has had on my family and friends’ lives reiterates for me the importance of DetecTogether’s mission — early detection works and can impact a cancer diagnosis outcome.”


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Alicia D’Agostino
Educational Trainer & Business Development Associate

Since joining DetecTogether, Alicia has primarily focused on training, curriculum development and instructional design. Very often, Alicia is on the road bringing 3 Steps Detect to firehouses, schools, corporations and community organizations. She has a BS from Southern New Hampshire University. Alicia’s passion for work is personal. “Losing my father to cancer had a strong impact on me as a teenager, and it has been so meaningful to be part of an organization that teaches a proactive approach to the fight against cancer.”


Heather Maykel
Director, Partnership &
Program Development

Heather has over 25 years of experience in marketing, product development and training in corporate and nonprofit organizations. She’s worked with DetecTogether team members to enhance the training programs and materials for all audiences. In her current role, Heather creates partnerships to further disseminate 3 Steps Detect in the work place as a wellbeing benefit. She also forms strategic alliances with organizations who can further DetecTogether’s mission to save lives through early cancer detection education. Heather has a BA from Tufts University and an MEd from Boston University. “I believe in the power of early detection. People just need to know how to recognize symptoms and when to seek help. 3 Steps Detect teaches this.”


Kate McCarthy
Education Program Manager

Kate worked for several years in Worcester-area nonprofit organizations before joining the team at DetecTogether. In her work at DetecTogether, Kate draws on all of those experiences. She has a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and teaching from Worcester State University. “Early cancer detection can save lives! Knowing how to pay attention to your health and how to self-advocate are important life skills, and I am proud to be a part of delivering this education. It’s an important mission.”


Nicole Piorkowski

Nicole joined the team in 2022 with more than 15 years of experience in business operations and healthcare administration. Nicole holds a BA in healthcare management and is a licensed realtor. Nicole volunteers for advocacy and mentorship organizations in Massachusetts and beyond. Her passion to help and empower others led her to joining the DetecTogether team. “Having family who have had both early and late diagnoses in cancer, I have seen what a game changer an early cancer diagnosis can be.”


Lisa Young headshot

Lisa Young
Senior Director of Communications & Engagement

Lisa is a survivor who knows first-hand the importance of early cancer detection. She is passionate about sharing the 3 Steps Detect program to increase survivorship. Lisa has 25 years of accomplished marketing communications and innovative strategic leadership expertise. She leverages her experience from leading healthcare technology companies and her education in health communications from Johns Hopkins University to serve the critical mission at DetecTogether. “I want to do my part to improve cancer outcomes for the 40% of the population who will be diagnosed with cancer. With the right tools, increasing health literacy, and removing barriers, we can improve self-advocacy and empower early diagnosis to save more lives.”