St. John’s High School Students Learn 3 Steps Detect

DetecTogether brought its 3 Steps Detect education program to St. John’s High School on Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021. The whole student body took part in the training, supported by St. John’s alumnus, Dr. Gene Mariani ’65, P’00, ’05, and his wife, Paula.

DetecTogether teaches people how to identify early symptoms of cancer, gives a timeframe for action, and empowers them to collaborate with their doctors for best health outcomes. When detected early, the survival rate for cancer is much greater than when detected in late stages.

“When cancer is detected early, people have the best chance of surviving and treatment can be less invasive,” says Tricia Laursen, DetecTogether President & Executive Director. “Knowing what to watch for and when to act is lifesaving.”

As part of the presentation, students were introduced to peers like cancer survivor and St. John’s alumnus, Alex Lizotte ’08, and Asa Floyd, whose cancer was caught early after he learned 3 Steps Detect at Worcester Academy. They also heard about the consequences of not knowing how to recognize a cancer symptom and waiting too long to take action.

The training marked the end of Men’s Health Awareness Month. During November, St. John’s Headmaster, Alex Zequeira, challenged the senior class and alumni to take part in “No-Shave November,” during which participants forgo shaving in order to raise awareness and funds to support cancer prevention, research, and care. A portion of this year’s proceeds at St. John’s will benefit DetecTogether.

“Our partnership with DetecTogether further enhances the holistic experience that has been a hallmark of a Saint John’s education for 123 years,” says Mr. Zequeira. “Providing opportunities for awareness and educating our young men to be mindful of their well-being is essential to a healthy future.”

The Nov. 30 educational program was held at St. John’s High School (378 Main St.) in Shrewsbury, Mass. Five educational sessions ran throughout the day.