Community Education

Everyone can benefit from our life-saving education and training

We are happy to deliver our education to all kinds of organizations. Whether you are involved with a Jewish Community Center, the Knights of Columbus, or the Boys and Girls Club, we are eager to talk about how we can help.

Learning 3 Steps Detect is life-saving for everyone. And for anyone who is at an increased risk for any reason, this education becomes even more critical. Cancer can be detected early, but only if people know what they are looking for, when to contact a doctor, and how to talk with their provider about what they are feeling. Early detection is the key to preventing cancer deaths and long, costly treatments.

Give yourself and your members the benefit of this life-saving presentation! It is FREE, thanks to the generosity of our donors, for non-profit community groups.

Program Formats

  • On-Demand eLearning: An interactive, self-paced eLearning platform offering access to our core curriculum, 3 Steps Detect, and related micro-courses. Dynamic, easy to use, and accessible in a remote environment.
  • Live Webinars and Digital Lunch & Learns: Live-hosted presentation with interactive activities and engaged learning. Employees can participate from anywhere via various platforms, including Zoom, or your in-house system.
  • Live Presentations: In-person, facilitated program to teach 3 Steps Detect. Option for panel featuring cancer survivors who share lessons learned. Best for groups larger than 20 people. Hosted at your site.
  • Supplemental Education Materials: Integrate DetecTogether messaging into internal emails, company health blogs, print materials, and more.

What You’ll Take Away

  • The knowledge to recognize the most common cancer symptom
  • The timeframe to take action when you notice health changes
  • The importance of preparing for conversations with your doctor
  • Tips for working with your doctor to receive the best care