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We deliver educational presentations that save lives. 40% of us will receive a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime, so being prepared and having a strategy to recognize it as early as possible, is life-saving. With 3 Steps Detect, we teach people how to detect cancer early and significantly improve their chances of surviving cancer. In some cases, you are 10 times more likely to live if you take action at Stage 1 instead of Stage 4.

At DetecTogether, we believe in the power of human stories to teach, effect, and inspire others. Our teaching is enhanced by the true stories of cancer survivors who want you to learn from their experiences and prevent avoidable suffering.

Through their stories, you will learn what symptoms they noticed, what they did about it, and how they got to diagnosis. 3 Steps Detect provides an easy-to-remember, practical strategy for beating cancer.

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Give yourself and people in your school, workplace or community group the life-saving advantage of early detection.

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DetecTogether focuses on the path that leads to diagnosis. Reducing delays in diagnosis can increase your chances of survival and minimize effects of treatment. It’s an advantage we want everybody to have.