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Are you a cancer survivor? Would you like to share your story so that others can learn from you about what you noticed, how you worked with your healthcare provider, and what led to your diagnosis? Do you want to empower others to detect cancer early?

We believe in the power of real human stories to teach, inspire, and bring about change. All of our training and education is enhanced by the personal stories of people who have had cancer. By sharing, they demonstrate what to watch for, when to act, and how to get answers.

In telling your story, YOU have the power to improve and save lives by helping others become aware of what the early warning signs of cancer can feel or look like.

In Giving, We Receive

We have often been told by cancer survivors we work with that by sharing their story and helping others, they have found meaning. One of our inspiring volunteers is a firefighter who literally saves lives as part of her job. When Joanie was diagnosed with melanoma, she faced more than a year of treatment that sidelined her from the job she loves. Helping others by sharing her story felt good, and provided her a meaningful way to continue saving and improving lives. If you have a story and you’re open to sharing it, we’d love to hear from you.

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Joanie Cullinan

Share Your Story

  • Example: “I was a young, healthy, active person who rarely got sick”
  • Consider changes in sleep patterns, energy level, skin, lumps or bumps, weight, bathroom habits, motor control and reflexes.
  • Examples: I was embarrassed about my symptoms, my doctor wouldn’t listen, or I was misdiagnosed
  • Examples: Know your normal health, do self-exams, go to the doctor when you notice a change, advocate for yourself, get a second opinion
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