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We teach people how to detect cancer early to save lives

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Ryan Kelley, 35, learned 3 Steps Detect and realized he should get a scab that wouldn’t heal checked by a doctor. Now, he knows the importance of early cancer detection and is a vocal advocate of our education.

Helping Firefighters Beat Cancer

Cancer is the #1 cause of death in the fire service, which is why we have expanded our life-saving training to include an Online Learning option, so firefighters everywhere can learn to seize the power of early cancer detection. You can be 10x more likely to survive when cancer is diagnosed early vs. late. Through the generous support of FEMA, these easy-to-access courses are FREE for firefighters.

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Why this is important


of us will receive a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime

What Can I Do?

Your Best Chance Is You

Early detection starts with you, and we make it easy for you to tap into this important power. You won’t need to memorize a long list of possible symptoms. With 3 Steps Detect, we teach you how best to tune into your body and sense when something is off.

  1. Know Your Great
  2. Use the 2-Week Rule
  3. Share with Your Doctor
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We cannot depend on luck to save lives. Everyone should know how to recognize important health changes that need to be checked by a doctor.
Tom Caron, diagnosed at 51 Read Tom's story

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Be an advocate for early cancer detection. Bring us to your organization, share your story, attend our events, support our life-saving education.

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Education & Training

We deliver educational presentations that save lives. With 3 Steps Detect, we teach people how to detect cancer early and significantly improve their chances of surviving cancer. Give yourself and the people in your school, workplace or community group the life-saving advantage of early detection.