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We save lives by teaching people how to recognize the early warning signs of cancer and activate healthcare.

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"As a longtime friend of DetecTogether, I knew exactly what to do when I started experiencing health changes. Because of that I am happy to say, my cancer story is a short story." - Lesa DeMaria

DetecTogether is a nonprofit that fills a gap in healthcare by providing a lifesaving 3 Steps Detect early cancer detection education program to young adults, first responders and workplace employees. 50% of cancers are diagnosed in late stage, often leading to less favorable outcomes and more aggressive treatments. Our mission helps reduce delays in diagnosis to significantly increase survival. Early cancer detection is an advantage everybody deserves. Together, we are reducing the devasting impact of cancer.

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Detection Starts with You!

We teach people how to seize the life-saving power of early detection and activate timely care. You are 10X more likely to survive cancer when it's diagnosed early vs. late. 40% of us will get cancer. Patient awareness and action is key to survival. Learn DetecTogether's lifesaving 3 Steps Detect.

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3 Steps Detect Impact

1 in 4

Participants detect a health issue earlier as a result

Stopping Cancer from Advancing is a Life-Saving Investment

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Proactive patients get better healthcare. Thanks to generous donors, our 3 Steps Detect program saves lives by teaching people how to tap into the lifesaving power of early detection. The worse cancer diagnosis is a late one.

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Joanie Cullinan
When it comes to your medical care, you have to advocate for yourself. I had to push my doctor to do a same-day biopsy on the spot on my back.
Joanie Cullinan, diagnosed at 37 Read Joanie's story

What makes the difference? You!

You are the first step in activating your health care. Access our proven 3 Steps Detect to recognize your body's warning signs of cancer early. And get involved in the fight to save more lives through early cancer detection and reduce the devastation of cancer.

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Education & Training

We deliver educational presentations that save lives. With 3 Steps Detect, we teach people how to detect cancer early and significantly improve their chances of surviving cancer. Give yourself and the people in your school, workplace or community group the life-saving advantage of early detection.