Student Ambassadors

Beyond the Classroom

Calling all students! If you want to get involved with DetecTogether, contact us.

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Community service projects
  • Club or group events
  • Competitions
  • Class projects
  • Fundraiser, online or in-person
  • Athletics team events
  • Tabling at school events/ job fair
  • Social media ambassadors
  • Select internships

Why Students Should Participate

  • Because you want to make a difference
  • Community activities are great to add to your resume
  • We provide letters of recommendation
  • Fulfill community service hours

What Our Ambassadors Are Saying…

“DetecTogether gave me the opportunity to learn what it was like to work professionally as a team, and how to do that remotely!” College Student Intern
“The team at DetecTogether taught me what marketing and advertising looked like for a company that isn’t selling a product, but is selling a message.” College Student Intern
“The DetecTogether team showed me that if you are passionate about the work you are doing, it won’t feel like work.” College Student Intern