3 Steps Detect Training Accredited for Continuing Education Credits by the Massachusetts OEMS

DetecTogether’s 3 Steps Detect in-person training was recently accredited for .75 continuing education program hours by the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services. EMTs experience high levels of stress, disruptive sleep schedules and exposure to carcinogens on the fire ground throughout their careers, all of which are proven to contribute to higher cancer mortality.

3 Steps Detect  provides a framework for changing EMT behavior, leading to a shorter time to diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Early detection of cancer improves survivability, reduces healthcare costs, and improves quality of life after treatment.

Captain P.J. Roy of the Fitchburg Fire Department: “On top of their life-saving early cancer detection training, DetecTogether is now able to assist Massachusetts firefighters and first responders by offering EMS continuing education credits to help them renew their EMT certifications.”

Unlike many other continuing education programs, 3 Steps Detect is delivered in person. Schedule our trainers to visit your department, so you can learn our life-saving education and earn credits toward your EMT recertification at the same time— it’s a win-win.