Teaching Young Adults Valuable Life Skills

At DetecTogether, we know this school year is different and we have adjusted. We are able to Zoom in remotely to present our education live or by recorded webinar. Our presentation teaches students about their healthcare responsibilities when the oversight of their parents goes away and they take charge of monitoring their own health, making doctor’s appointments, and self-advocating. These skills often don’t get taught in homes, which is why delivering 3 Steps Detect to high schools and colleges is so important.

3 Steps Detect has broad real-world applications that go beyond cancer, teaching students self-awareness, self-advocacy, independent thinking, how to interact with healthcare providers, and much more. 

Among those we have trained by Zoom or webinar this fall are the Fire Science students at Southern Maine Community College and Quinsigamond Community College, as well as the Men’s Lacrosse Team at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont, and students at South High School in Worcester, Mass.

We also brought our education to a Microbiology of Cancer class at UMass Amherst. Our friend and cancer survivor, Asa Floyd, is a student in the class and he shared his story as part of the training. “It was an unbelievable interaction with my new classmates and peers,” says Floyd. “DetecTogether did an amazing job capturing the attention of these college students, once again. This organization is one of a kind.”

For over a decade, we have delivered early detection education to young adults in high schools and colleges. Thanks to the partnership of our generous donors, our education is free to schools. We teach students what they need to know with the help of real people who have been there. “This is practical, simple advice, reaching a group at the right time at the right level,” says Professor Mitchell Walkowicz, Department of Microbiology, UMass Amherst.

Through our fall trainings, more than 400 additional students now have the life-saving power of early cancer detection. Share this link with anyone in your network who may be interested in our free online presentations for high school and college students.