Program File Agreement

Before using the 3 Steps Detect Online Learning Program, you will need to complete legal documentation (noted below). The document(s) will be emailed directly to your designated contact via DocuSign to ensure a simple, quick, and secure user experience.

To begin the process, please complete the form below, indicating who will be responsible for completing and signing the legal documentation as well as who will oversee the file transfer process. If it is the same individual for both, you only need to supply the information once.

The Documents

  • 3 Steps Detect License Agreement. Terms of use for the 3 Steps Detect Online Learning Program
  • 3 Steps Detect SCORM Addendum. Terms of hosting the 3 Steps Detect SCORM files (fees and number of licenses are not applicable)

Contact information for person who will receive and sign documentation:
If someone else besides the contact person listed above will be responsible for overseeing the file transfer process, please provide that person's contact information below.
Transfer Contact Name
Please let us know how you would like to have the SCORM files transferred to you. If you do not see your preferred method, please contact us directly.
File Transfer Method(Required)

Have questions? Please contact:

Heather Maykel
Director, Partnership & Program Development | 774-452-0091