Response Time Matters 2 Ignites Conversation About Early Cancer Detection.

Our Response Time Matters 2 campaign has only been in the market for a short time and it has already ignited conversation about early cancer detection. Our online communities are truly passionate about helping others through some of the toughest times in their lives.

By sharing your stories and experiences with others, it truly empowers them! They can also gain some comfort in knowing they are not alone.

I spent many years in Fire and EMS and was recently diagnosed with CLL LUKEMIA. 0 to stage 1. Found it early! Pay attention ladies and gentlemen, you help others! Help yourself! Ignorance is not bliss, it could be deadly!” 

bill pappas

Get yourself checked out and pay attention to your body. If something isn’t feeling great, it seems different for a time, can’t explain it, might be worth a visit to doctor.” 

kevin garrison

Know your GREAT. We are extremely proud to partner with DetecTogether in a series of important videos that highlight the importance of early detection. This one features our very our very own FDNY Lt. Joann Diaz and Jason Patton.” 

Frank Leeb – fdny

I recently got an extensive exam with CT and blood work. Thankfully I’m all good. No cancer, I am still an EMT but not an active firefighter anymore. It is still important for me to remind my doctor that I was for a lot of years.” 

amber usher

You’re a good man with your videos. I wish this much care was given to all of us who served years ago. You’re doing great work. Keep it up.” 

Joseph mercogliano

Great information. Used it myself and unfortunately found something. Now it is my turn to share this information with my coworkers.” 

Mary Fimiam Frayser

Everyone at DetecTogether is appreciative for the kind words and support for our mission of early cancer detection education. This campaign, fueled by the comedic antics of Jason Patton, has really struck a chord with not only the brave members of the fire service but also the general public.

When it comes to cancer, TIMING is EVERYTHING!

Please share these videos and social media posts with your family and friends because you never know who may be helping.

Remember to treat your health like a fire, RESPONSE TIME MATTERS. Sign up for FREE 3 Steps Detect training: First Responder Training – DetecTogether.

Response Time Matters program support is provided by 1A Auto, The Last Call Foundation, Powertech Controls, FDNY, and EMW-2021-FP-00573, and in collaboration with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and the Science to the Station Health & Wellness Alliance.