Full Circle: The Power of Sharing Your Story

PowerPoint presentations can cause your audience to get glossy-eyed and lose focus quickly at an assembly or meeting.  However, when storytelling is integrated, people begin to pay attention. Your audience becomes emotionally invested in those people who show incredible bravery and bare their souls for one purpose — to help others.

Our mission here at DetecTogether is not only to teach people how to detect cancer early but also for people to retain and implement these learnings for a lifetime. 3 Steps Detect is simple and digestible.

When someone talks about how sitting in our program audience led to a cancer diagnosis that saved their life — You remember the person sitting in front of you in the gymnasium. You remember people like Maura Power.

When Storytelling Brings Everything Full Circle

In 2017, Asa Floyd was a sophomore at Worcester Academy. He was attending a DetecTogether assembly about early cancer detection. Maura Power shared her story about using the 3 Steps Detect method and how it played a role in her breast cancer diagnosis. She spoke about persistent health changes like losing her hair and feeling a lump. She went on and talked about going to a doctor’s appointment for a sinus infection, and how she mentioned the lump. Her physician ran tests, and she was then diagnosed with breast cancer.

Asa did not treat this as just “another assembly”, he remembered Maura’s story and retained the learnings of 3 Steps Detect. After a football injury just a few weeks later, he knew something was wrong. He was experiencing fatigue, back pain, and one of his testicles was swollen. His mother overheard him talking to his cousin and encouraged him to see a doctor.

He was diagnosed with Stage 1 testicular cancer.

Six years later, in 2023, Asa is healthy and sitting next to Maura at Worcester Academy, telling his story. Now people will remember Asa Floyd. Sharing our stories can help others.

When people conquer unthinkable obstacles, we root for them; we support them.

People should never endure alone, so share your stories with us. We need more brave storytellers like Asa Floyd and Maura Power.

You can make a true impact in someone’s life.