Importance of 3 Steps Detect Featured on Boston’s WCVB Channel 5

Asa Floyd credits the DetecTogether school presentation for helping to save his life

A seemingly ordinary school presentation turned into a life-changing event for Asa Floyd when he attended the “3 Steps Detect” educational session at his local school in Worcester. His keen observation and prompt action in recognizing early signs of cancer have not only saved his life but have also inspired countless others to be vigilant about their health. Asa’s story has garnered attention from WCVB Channel 5 Boston, and his bravery in sharing his experience is offering hope to those battling similar challenges.

“Floyd said that given what he learned from the presentation, he decided to discuss the issue with his pediatrician shortly after Christmas. After a follow-up with a urologist, Floyd was diagnosed with testicular cancer.”

Asa Floyd for WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Listen to Asa’s story here:

Catching Cancer Early – Interview with Asa Floyd from DetecTogether on Vimeo.


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