DetecTogether’s Largest Field of Charity Runners Complete the 126th Boston Marathon

Monday, April 18, 2022: : Congratulations to the DetecTogether runners for completing the 126th Boston Marathon on a beautiful Marathon Monday! Our 12 charity athletes, the largest group yet, surpassed their goals and raised well over $100,000 for early cancer detection. We are so grateful for their incredible efforts, unwavering determination and undeniable grit.

This was the first Boston Marathon for seasoned runners, Kelly Quintero and Afife Vidal. Afife has run Miami, Paris, Chicago (twice!), New York and Berlin. Kelly completed the Arizona Ironman as well as the Chicago and Berlin marathons.

Another experienced marathoner, Katie Adelstein, ran to honor her father, a 25-year veteran of the Brookline Fire Department and her father-in-law, a former volunteer firefighter in Westhampton Beach, NY, who is battling pancreatic cancer. Knowing firefighter’s increased cancer risk, Katie was honored to raise funds to help us educate and empower firefighters to take control of their own health.

A member of the FDNY, Dylan Vidoli also knows firefighters’ increased cancer risk. Dylan ran for his mother, Karen Vidoli, who has battled cancer (and also ran!) and for his brothers and sisters in the fire service.

As a student at the College of the Holy Cross, Kristin Buscone met Henry Carr. During their sophomore year, Henry lost a courageous battle with bone cancer. He was a strong advocate for early cancer detection and introduced Kristin to DetecTogether. She ran the Boston Marathon in his memory, and Henry’s parents, Kim and Bob Carr, were there to cheer her on.

A year ago, Heidi Richard was going through cancer treatment. This year, she finished the 2022 Boston Marathon and raised life-saving funds for early cancer detection education. Her goal was to raise awareness for DetecTogether’s mission — one that she believes would have changed her own life had she known about it sooner.

Boston resident Robin Lynch cared for her brother for 10 years as he battled stage 3 thyroid cancer. “Early detection would have 100% prevented the course my brother had to take following his diagnosis.” Robin ran for DetecTogether and for her brother, who is now cancer-free.

Abigael Osmanski also ran to honor her brother who was just 21 when he was diagnosed with cancer. She’s grateful that it was caught early, when it was more manageable and treatable. He’s now doing well, and she was thrilled to run the Boston Marathon (her first!) for DetecTogether.

At 30, Nicole O’Connor’s husband was diagnosed with skin cancer. Because it was caught early, the cancer had not spread and could be removed with surgery. Early detection saved her husband’s life and Nicole ran to help us give others the same life-saving advantage.

Ali Pepe and Richard Rivera have both paid close attention to their family history, a critical part of knowing your “great,” the first step of 3 Steps Detect, and have taken steps to help reduce their risk. Ali ran her fifth Boston Marathon for DetecTogether and Richard ran for the second time as part of our team.

Troy Bowan, a California winemaker, traveled east to compete on Marathon Monday, a once in a lifetime experience. “The most surreal and painful 26.2 miles in the most incredible place…I am so proud to officially be a 2022 Boston Marathon finisher. Thank you so much to DetecTogether for having me on your team. It was such an honor to have your name on my jersey.”

For more information about joining Team DetecTogether in the future, check out our Charity Athletes page.