Why Early Detection Is Important for Your Employees

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Cancer Costs A Lot

The Human Cost

40% of Americans will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Some of them have a family history, but most do not. There are more than 200 different cancer types, but only four with CDC-recommended screening: breast, colon, cervical, and lung cancers. That’s why it is important to recognize early warning signs so that early detection is possible.

In some cases, you are 10 times more likely to survive cancer when it is detected in Stage 1 vs. Stage 4. The chart below compares the survival rates for these cancers when they are diagnosed and treated early (Stage 1) vs. late (Stage 4). (Source: American Cancer Society—5-year relative survival rates, using SEER stages, based on people diagnosed with [type] of cancer between 2011 and 2017.)

Survival rate chart
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The Financial Cost

Cancer is one of the most expensive diseases to treat, resulting in considerable financial burdens to patients and their employers.

Employers are deeply concerned about the unsustainable rise in health care costs and the devastating impact of the pandemic on employee health. Many employers are reporting more late-stage cancers in their workforce due to care delays caused by the pandemic.

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