Tara Diaz, diagnosed at 28

Colon cancer is one of those cancers you think only older people get. Or you might think that if you have a strong family history of it, there is a chance you could get it at a younger age. I was 28 and did not have a family history of colon cancer—but I got it! I was shocked. I never knew anyone my age, much less a woman who had colon cancer.

I was lucky. I got checked and was treated. I didn’t notice any major changes with my health other than the fact that I went to the bathroom a lot. I am glad I noticed that because today I am cancer free.

People in my family have died from cancer. When I was 22, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. My doctors think I probably had Crohn’s since age 14 when it was noted that I had “abnormal symptoms.” I was told there could be some link to colon cancer there but the fact is we just don’t know for sure.

This is why I frequently tell my friends to get checked out, even if it is just a general checkup every year. I tell them if ANYTHING seems unusual (after all, I just went to the bathroom a lot) to get it checked out. Nothing is more important than your own health.


  • no noticeable changes other than going to the bathroom a lot