Alex Landazuri first responder

Alex Landazuri diagnosed at 39 First Responder

My story started way before 2021 when I found a mass in my left testicle that ended up being cancer. Also, I want to mention that I am an EMT and have been once since 2007.   
It started my freshman or sophomore year in college when I found a mass on my right testicle on a random self-check after my brother found one a few months prior. I got the ultrasound for that, and it was deemed a cyst and was no danger. Cancer wasn’t in my mind then, but it prompted me to perform random self-checks from then on. I always got my physicals yearly; other than my weight, I was in pretty good shape, and aside from the random checks, I never thought about it.  

Important to conduct self-checks and see a doctor if you notice any changes.

Fast forward about 20 years (I’m 39 now), and I am married with a family and a career. I am doing one of my random self-checks on a Sunday night, and the cyst on my right testicle is still there, is pain-free, and feels the same as it did 20ish years ago. This time, though, the mass on my left testicle felt very firm and painful. At that point, I knew something wasn’t right and immediately scheduled an urgent care visit for the following morning.  
I got to the urgent care visit the next day and talked with the provider, who was not as concerned with the mass as I was. When I asked for an ultrasound, she didn’t think it was necessary because I was not showing any typical signs. However, she got me an appointment the next day at one of the area imaging clinics. I was not going to wait, so I called just about all of them in the area and was able to get an ultrasound later in the day. After the ultrasound, I asked the tech. if they saw anything odd or off, they wouldn’t tell me, so I knew it wasn’t good. I waited for the results call the next day and it confirmed what I was suspecting. I was immediately scheduled for a consult the next day, and from that appointment, I had a surgery date for the following Wednesday. Because of the seriousness, I got a second opinion a few days later. After that appointment, I had a surgery date for the following Monday. In both appointments, I mentioned that I thought I was too old and that I had aged out of this particular type of cancer, but I was told that I was actually just inside of the age range.  
I had my surgery the following week when the diagnosis was official: stage 1A Seminoma with no spread.  I was told that my self-checks, while random and not consistent, were the main factor in catching it so early and was the reason I didn’t have to go through chemo or radiation.  


  • Firm and painful to touch.