Lesa Dimaria - Uterine Cancer Survivor

September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

Lesa’s story is a testament to the importance of 3 Steps Detect early cancer detection program.

Gynecologic cancers cover any cancer of the female reproductive system.  According to the National Cancer Institute, it’s estimated that 106,000 women will be diagnosed with a gynecological cancer in 2023 and 32,000 will die.
Lesa DeMaria was diagnosed with uterine cancer at 54. The knowledge that she acquired about early cancer detection from DetecTogether, enabled her to notice changes in her health and take action earlier.

I knew that there was something wrong with my body. I didn’t wait. I acted quickly on health changes.”

Lesa’s quick actions may have saved her life. She now benefits from a 96% survival rate by catching her uterine cancer early.

“From the time I was diagnosed to when I was told I was cancer-free was just three weeks. The DetecTogether message was ALWAYS with me—if it doesn’t feel right, get it checked out.”

Lesa listened to her body, and you should, too. Our 3 Steps Detect program teaches you how to identify subtle and persistent health changes and empowers you when and how to act and consult your doctor when these health changes occur.
Remember that patient care starts with you — to be your own hero and advocate for yourself! Learn more about DetecTogether’s early cancer detection program today.