Dr. Burstein from Dana-Farber Stresses the Importance of Making Time for Your Healthcare

Dr. Burstein is a Medical Oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and an internationally renowned breast cancer expert. He sat down with DetecTogether to discuss the importance of early cancer detection and prioritizing your healthcare.

Don’t Let Busy Lives Get in the Way of Catching Health Issues Early

Our 3 Steps Detect early cancer detection program teaches you to know your great. If you are experiencing persistent, subtle changes in your overall health for more than 2 weeks, contact your doctor. When it comes to cancer, TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

Watch as Dr. Burstein discusses some barriers to timely care and the importance of activating your own healthcare.

Dr. Burstein is special to our DetecTogether family. Thanks to him and the medical advancements in breast cancer treatment, one of our employees is a survivor.

“Dr. Burstein is brilliant and kind. He gave me hope and reassurance when I needed it most. Breast cancer is often curable when caught early.”

When it comes to your health, listen to your body and take action for yourself.