DetecTogether Selected as Golf Marathon Beneficiary

DetecTogether has been chosen by Golf Fights Cancer as this year’s Golf Marathon charity. The Golf Marathon is a unique fundraising event that combines a love of golf and the desire to fight cancer. Golfers of all skill levels play 100 holes to support cancer-related organizations.

Founded in 2003, Golf Fights Cancer (GFC) taps into the passion and generosity of golfers to raise much-needed funds for cancer-related organizations and families living with the disease. GFC is committed to harnessing the collective fundraising power of the entire golf community; making it easy for golfers to give back and make a tangible difference in the fight against cancer. 

Our Golf Marathon empowers participants to take concrete and effective action through a sport we all love.

Cheryl Mcguire, gfc executive director

“Since our inception, GFC has raised more than $10 million to address unmet needs in the fight against cancer,” says Cheryl McGuire, GFC Executive Director. “Our Golf Marathon empowers participants to take concrete and effective action through a sport we all love, and this year, we are excited to host another socially-distant event while raising much-needed funds for DetecTogether.”

DetecTogether teaches people how to recognize the earliest warning signs of cancer. When cancer is detected early, people have the best chance of surviving and treatment can be less invasive. Knowing what to watch for and when to act is lifesaving. DetecTogether brings its education to young adults, first responders and community groups for free, thanks to the generosity of supporters.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Golf Fights Cancer and to be the beneficiary of this year’s Golf Marathon,” said Tricia Laursen, DetecTogether President & Executive Director. “We are both committed to fighting cancer and saving lives, and we look forward to a fun event that celebrates and supports this work.”

GFC’s Golf Marathon will take place on June 3 and 4, 2021 at Juniper Hill Golf Course in Northborough, Mass.  If you are interested in joining the Golf Marathon, please contact Alec Elbert at or 617-257-1462.