DetecTogether and Partners Deliver Life-Saving Education at FDIC

FDIC International 2023 brought together over 30,000 fire and rescue professionals from around the world to participate in an extensive range of activities, including classroom sessions, workshops, and exhibitions from more than 800 vendors. The event showcased the most innovative products and services in the field.

A highlight included the classroom session “Cancer in the Fire Service: Prevent It, Detect It, Survive It.” Kate McCarthy, education program manager at DetecTogether; Russ Osgood, VP of education at the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN); and Sara Jahnke, Ph.D., principal at the National Development and Research Institutes (NDRI) delivered the presentation. More than 70 people attended the informative session. 

Brian Zaitz, an assistant chief in the Kirkwood (MO) Fire Department and a member of DetecTogether’s Fire Service Advisory Board, delivered the keynote speech “Three-Sided Success” at the opening ceremony on the second day of the conference.

Donations Enable Free 3 Steps Detect Program for Firefighters

During the conference, DetecTogether shared information about its life-saving 3 Steps Detect program, which is available in various formats to accommodate firefighter schedules. Thanks to the generosity of donors, this education is offered to firefighters free of charge. The Online Learning for Firefighters program consists of 11 brief, easy-to-understand courses that can be taken on a desktop or any mobile device. For those who prefer live training, webinars can be scheduled upon request.

What a Crew!

At the conference, DetecTogether reconnected with several partners, including Fire Department Chronicles’ Jason Patton, who is the face of the Response Time Matters (RTM) campaign, and comedian Firefighter Fenton. Both helped promote the free in-station kits, which provide educational materials to help firefighters recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer and when to take action to increase their chances of survival.

In April, DetecTogether partnered with Mercedes Textiles to promote testicular cancer awareness. The partnership focused on the importance of self-exams and early detection, which can save lives. While at the conference, the company sponsored an episode, Check Your Equipment, on The Size Up podcast by National Fire Radio. Give it a listen!

Cancer Screening — A Donation of Time & Talent

A new addition to FDIC programming was a free skin cancer screening organized by the FCSN; The Center for Fire, Rescue, and EMS Health Research (CFREHR); and DetecTogether.  This screening, funded through the generosity of a FEMA grant, provided more than 150 firefighters with skin cancer screenings. 

FDIC International 2023 provided fire and rescue professionals a platform to learn, network, and collaborate. DetecTogether was proud to attend and showcase programs while reconnecting with existing partners and making new ones.