DetecTogether Celebrates 14 Years of Early Cancer Detection Education

Our organization started as a business relationship between the founder, Jim Coghlin and Mark Ungerer. When Mark’s son, David, battled Leukemia, Jim felt his pain. David Ungerer died of cancer at 15 years old. In his son’s memory, Mark founded a golf tournament in Central Massachusetts to support cancer research and care, and he ran it for many years.
Ten years after his son’s death, Mark was diagnosed with cancer and asked Jim to carry on with the golf tournament. After Mark’s passing in 1995, Jim made sure the golf tournament continued as an annual event to raise funds and awareness about cancer and renamed it in Mark’s honor.
Jim was inspired to find an organization that focused on early cancer detection. When that search came up empty, Jim, his wife, Nancy, and their family, decided they needed to fill this void and started the 15-40 Connection.
Over the last 14 years, DetecTogether (formerly 15-40 connection), has brought its early cancer detection education to thousands of people. It became apparently clear that ALL people deserved the life-saving advantage of early detection, and our focus broadened, to include workplace and a focus on high-risk group like firefighters, who are at increased risk of developing cancer because of their occupation.
Below are some milestones that we are extremely proud of:

  • 40,518 – Approximate Number of young adults educated since 2011
  • 15,034 – Approximate Number of Firefighters educated since 2018
  • 3,877 – Approximate Number of Workplace employees educated since 2015

Helping save lives through our early cancer detection training, 3 Steps Detect, has been extremely GRATIFYING. It’s AMAZING to see the TRUE IMPACT of our work.

This is going to be such a great program for our members and the fact that it will help so many families … it is a no-brainer.”

Chuck Downey – FDNY, Deputy Chief

Great information. Used it myself and unfortunately found something. Now it is my turn to share this information with my coworkers.”

mary f.

Knowing information that could save your life someday, is the most valuable information you can get.”

Peyton D., Student of Worcester Academy

Congratulations on 14 remarkable years of making a difference with us through your stories, donations, and support.
We hope our training has been a beacon of hope, empowerment, and lifesaving knowledge in the fight to catch cancer early – when it’s most survivable.
Cheers to many more years of saving lives through early cancer detection!