5 Things You Need to Know About Early Cancer Detection


We know you don’t want to talk about cancer, but detecting it early and acting on it quickly is the best way to save and improve lives for the 40% of us who will receive a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime

1. Early Cancer Detection is Lifesaving

Look at the difference in survival rates for 6 of the most common cancers diagnosed in the U.S. every year:

2.  Early Cancer Symptoms have 2 Common Traits.

They begin as health changes that are subtle but persistent. Learn more: https://www.detectogether.org/take-action/learn-3-steps-detect/

3. You are the Key to Detecting Cancer Early

Cancer reveals itself in different ways to different people. To recognize potential symptoms, you need to know your personal “Great Health,” or how you feel on your best days. 

Learn how: https://www.detectogether.org/take-action/learn-3-steps-detect/know-your-great/

4. Cancer Screenings are Important but Have Limitations.

There are more than 200 types of cancer, but the CDC supports screenings for only four. Talk with a doctor about which ones are right for you and when you should get them.  

5. What You Share with Your Doctor Matters  

Healthcare is a team sport, and you are a key player. Tell your doctor about health changes lasting two weeks more, even the embarrassing ones. Ask questions (you’re not the medical expert; it’s expected) and ask when you should feel better and what to do if you don’t. Always remember that your role is critical.

Early Cancer Detection Can Save YOU out of pocket expense to lessen your financial burden

Early detection starts with you. Our 3 Steps Detect roadmap to early cancer detection makes it easy for you to tap into this lifesaving power.

Learn about our programs here
: https://www.detectogether.org/education-training/